Pre - Invitation to Apply

The WES application can be confusing. Let us fill it out for you and help kickstart your application.

We will coordinate your transcript and education degree submissions for you. We will reach out to your university or universities and monitor the process of sending your degree details for verification.

We will make the payment for the WES application with your payment details.

Often signing up for IELTS can be a task. Candidates are confused as to whether to take the new computer based test or the old paper-based IELTS. Which location is best for you? What date is suitable for you?

Let us take care of the headache for you. We will with your payment details (or ours) sign up for the test for you, and all you will have to do is let us know when you want to take the test.

It can be difficult to know which National Occupational Classification (NOC) your experience falls under. Some portions of your work experience may even fall into two categories. With our expertise, we can help position your express entry application under the correct category to maximize your chances of approval.

Get in touch with us to help categorize your experience correctly. This is an important step to ensure your employment letters are drafted correctly, once you receive the Invitation to Apply.

If you have already completed the WES, and other steps for the application, but simply want someone to fill out your details, you can avail this service.

We will take your details, and fill out your application for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Our experience will ensure your employment history, your education credentials, and scores are entered correctly. We will then submit your application on your behalf and monitor your account for the Invitation to Apply. Trust us with the process.