Post - Invitation to Apply

For applicants, this is the least favorite part of the application. It can take up to a day especially if you have travelled a lot in the past ten years. Allow us to take a copy of your passport and do the hard work for you. We will examine every scanned stamp and put together an Excel sheet for you, so that you don't have to spend time doing this tedious exercise.

This will vary based on the countries that you have lived in. Often, the typical express entry applicant would have lived in at least two countries, especially if you went for a masters or college outside your home country. Thus, one would have to get police clearances for all those countries in which they have spent more than six months.

We will find out the procedure for these countries and help you arrange these documents. For some fingerprints may be required, or simply an application online. Leave it to us to find out!

Another time-consuming part of the post-ITA application process, are employment letters. These need to clearly have your NOC and job responsibilities. We will customize our letters to ensure you are able to highlight your job duties and responsibilities In such a manner that it is suited for the respective NOC that you are applying under. We will follow-up with your past employers, if need be.

We will complete the rest of the application for you once we have all your documents together. We will cross-check your details and monitor the timeline to ensure everything is submitted carefully. If some parts of your application need an explanation, we will draft addendums for you to provide clarity. We also guide you through the process of getting a bank statement or a certificate of balance based on the amount of finances you wish to show.